An easy-to-understand review of the child’s uncontrollable bowel movements the rewards are described. And here are some tips to help you avoid this accident in the future.

What Is Soiling Or Pollution?

Silence occurs when your child loses control of their bowel movements This can cause the baby to spoil his paint or get out before reaching the toilet This contamination is also called ‘and press’.

Such children are less prone to it, they are not given toilet training. No need to worry about rare accidents, especially when you have a baby be between the ages of four and four. Anxiety arises when a child constantly defecates in the middle of the paint, which is also a toilet trend.

Causes of soiling or paint contamination

Constipation can also be a common cause of salivation Suffers from severe pain and discomfort in bowel movements the liquid leaves the solid waste and the solid waste cannot get out.

Another cause of soiling may be a child’s illness they start to stop because they are not potty-oriented or because of constipation there is a pain when defecating. This is how a cycle begins, in which constipation stops Containing and contaminating the pint. It is difficult for children with diarrhea to control their bowel movements, but for diarrhea to be cured Later it becomes normal.

Rarely is the reason for the silence due to difficult behavior or severe emotional state Or spinal cord disease may be soiling. Leaning and weakening of the legs also cause urination and defecation.

Contact your child’s doctor if your child:

  • Consult a doctor if your child has any of the following symptoms.
  • Defecate in the wrong places or cover your dirty underwear.
  • Frequent soiling
  • Contamination of clothes even after the age of three or four
  • Stool control and bowel movements even after potty training

Your child’s doctor will perform a physical examination of the child if there is any physical examination if the defect is not visible, he will suggest some tests for the child’s toilet training. Here are some tips to help you get rid of acne. Is referred to as a specialist doctor.

How you can help your child control bowel movements.

Treatment of constipation

Make sure your child doesn’t have constipation if he or she has diarrhea Not interested in training, so be patient and don’t force it Respect and anger will not help the disease to heal.

Help, not hurt feelings.

Encourage other family members to be helpful. Control your emotions as much as you can. Encourage your child to keep them clean. It’s a good idea if the baby likes to stay in the diaper.

Format Routine

An important point of the toilet is to give the baby five minutes after each meal Sit on the toilet seat to read a book or listen to music with your child I can pass. Keep your attitude positive while cleaning your baby. Praise and reward your child’s good behavior. Follow the same procedure for 3 to 6 weeks until the soiling stops.

Key Points

Soiling occurs when your child cannot control their bowel movements or discharge due to constipation.

Constipation is a major cause of soiling, illness, stress, difficulty in toilet training.

Contact your doctor if your child shows other symptoms or in the wrong places does not defecate, or does not thrive in soiling.