Wheat Diet Is Also a Cure

Grain juice

Thoroughly wash about half a cup of wheat grains. Now put two cups of water in a clean clay bowl and add wheat. Note that while soaking it in the evening, it must be soaked for at least 12 to 14 hours. Drink this water in the morning and evening. Do not add anything including honey, sugar, lemons, and salt.

Wheat water should be fresh and not eaten or drunk for one hour after drinking it. Drinking this water continuously for three weeks gives strength to the body, and the energy of the patients who have lost weight due to the disease begins to be restored.

The Usefulness Of Straw Or Bran

In earlier times, two large stone hats were used to shape them into a hand-operated mill.

Small and large mills were present in every house and women used to grind various spices and flour on them. In this way, red flour was obtained, which contained everything, including bran, so it was more invigorating. The use of bran flour does not cause constipation and relieves intestinal inflammation.

Bran bread balances blood circulation. It also heals esophageal ulcers, scratches, and edema. The simple treatment of leaves and kidney stones is also bran. Nowadays bran double bread and juice are readily available. It is better for you to never sift the flour. Rather, take full advantage of it. Make regular use of it, your whole family will be fine.

Colds and flu

If you have a cold or a heavy head, cook it in a large cup of water with two teaspoons of flour. When it is well boiled, strain it and mix a tablespoon of honey in it and drink it at night while sleeping. It will also relieve constipation and the accumulated mucus will be thinned out. If the nose is closed and the cold is severe, you can mix a little fruit vinegar in half a cup of water and boil it.

Mix two tablespoons of straw in it and then take it out in a bowl and steam it. This way the nose will open.

Urinary Incontinence

If there is irritation in the urine, the patient suffers a lot. Wheat can also be used in this condition. Wash about 12 grams of wheat and soak it in a clay bowl overnight. In the morning, grind it together and filter it by mixing 20 grams of Egyptian in its water. In a few days, the irritation will go away. Drinking wheatgrass juice will also be beneficial.

Facial Expressions

Abton is also made domestically from wheat. For this, mix one tablespoon of wheat flour with one tablespoon and half a lemon juice. If it is hard, mix a little rose water in it and apply it on the face like Abton. After about 15 minutes, take it off with your hands and wash your face.

Even girls under the age of 12 can get rid of it by putting flour on their faces and hands. They should add more salt. Doing so causes hair loss in three weeks. This prescription is not useful in older girls. Mix milk and turmeric in a little flour and apply it on the face to soften rough skin. Grinding proven wheat and boiling it with a little bit of fruit head and water and applying it on the face like a mask removes shadows and blemishes.

Wheat oil

Wheatgrass oil is sharp, fragrant and thick, it is also used as a food supplement, and is also applied to the body.

It is poured into salads, and also applied to the head. Clearly, it can be refrigerated for 6 to 8 months. It is not heated before use. This oil is considered to be very good on skin rashes, inflammation, blemishes, post-burn marks, and very dry skin in winter. It is used in combination with other oils. People who have a bad stomach and diarrhea should mix two tablespoons of fennel in flour and eat its bread. Women who breastfeed their babies. Boil a cup of wheat, and mix it with milk and sugar.

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