History of Tea

The demand for black tea (nowadays with or without milk) and cigarettes gets on the nerves of some gentlemen to such an extent that they do not feel anything as if their brain is paralyzed. This is because of the intoxicating ingredients that are present in them and the greatest virtue of drugs is that the one who becomes addicted to it needs strong will power to get rid of it. The British gave us these two reasons along with bureaucracy, by making tea for the people to get used to and by lighting cigarettes. When people got used to it, a small price was charged. Then slowly the price went up. Today our nation wastes billions of rupees on these useless and harmful things.

Black Or English Tea

This black or English tea, which is commonly drunk today, was not invented or invented by Indians or Easterners. This tea was introduced to India by the British in the early twentieth century, probably in 1916. The main reason was to provide cheap food to Indian soldiers during the First World War. A British company discovered this black tea by doing special research to reduce the food cost of the Indian Army. This tea kills appetite. That is why it was chosen. Tea for Indian soldiers. Roasted lentils and crispy biscuits were served as breakfast and lunch and dinner.

Local Indian Tea

Before black tea, there were four types of tea in India and Asia, and it is not known since when.

  1. Today we call it coffee or green tea or Chinese tea. [Not lemongrass]
  2. Coffee is light brown in color but not black tea leaves.
  3. Coffee is a dark brown color that is bitter and is still drunk in northern Pakistan and Arab countries.
  4. Green tea is also called Kashmiri or pink tea. This tea was drunk with only salt or salt and a little sugar. Nowadays it is being drunk only by adding sugar without salt.

We adopted the harmful black tea instead of the beneficial varieties of tea in imitation of Neguri skin.

Before I say anything about how and when the tea is made, I would like to point out that Asia and Africa had made great strides in civilization long before Europe and the United States. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the people of Asia and Africa were left behind due to their careless luxuries and the people of the West, especially the British, intoxicated with wealth. Everyone will be familiar with the role of the East India Company in India. Hear about China too.

Chinese Tea

The British first learned about Chinese tea in the early seventeenth century when a man named Richard Wickham ordered a can of tea from Macau in 1615 AD. For almost three centuries after that, Europeans drank tea but did not know what tea was. In the eighteenth century, Chinese tea replaced the British’s original beverage L or tool. By the beginning of the 19th century, 15,000 metric tons of tea had been imported from China to England annually.

The British rulers came up with the idea that China buys very few things from us, which is causing us losses. They discovered opium and made the Chinese addicted to opium, which was more expensive than tea. Since poppy was cultivated in India. Therefore, the production of opium was started in India. This conspiracy succeeded. Thus the British turned their losses into gains. Due to this move of the British, the Chinese nation became aphrodisiacs and came close to destruction. Then one of the Chinese men picked up and Hurdle became the beloved leader.

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